Lip Shading/Lightening

Lip Shading/Lightening

Lip shading treatment is designed to define and enhance your lips making them lighter and plumper with a long lasting pigment. This treatment uses a micro pigmentation technique that taints your lips with a flush that appears natural yet enhancing. Using only organic pigments, we achieve a color that deepens the natural color of the lip, appearing fuller and richer in pigmentation.

This treatment can be used to correct asymmetrical shaped lips and add definition to lip contours. By using a combination of lining, light effect shading and artistic blend we can improve the natural pigment and shape of your lips giving them a beautiful shade of your choice, and a perfect lip outline.

What does this treatment involve?


Our qualified & experienced specialist will examine your lips and discuss with you the look you are trying to achieve and what she might recommend to you. Kindly note that some women may have darker pigmented lips. If that is the case , then lip lightening sessions will be recommended before the lip shading treatments. Once we have an idea of the look you are aiming for, our specialist will select a colour you have agreed on, based on your skin tone.


Our specialist will suggest a shade customized to match your lip color, and what you want. We use organic pigments and modern, digital tools. The Pigment in the colour is thicker, so it gives that more natural powdery finish. The results are much more natural looking. All the lip colors used are natural and subtle shades. We do not use or offer any drastic and deep colors such as reds.


The healing time takes up to 10 days. Lips may look dry and chapped as they heal, therefore you must keep applying Vaseline to the lips for the following 10 days. The color gets lighter by 40% as the skin heals. The treated area will appear very exact and darker in colour when first treated, approximately 30%-40% of the colour intensity will be lost during the healing process. The colour will soften beautifully during healing.


Our specialist will draw an outline around your lips, double checking and measuring. Once you’ve both agreed on the colour that’s when the treatment will start. Our specialist performs each treatment using a new sterile single- use disposable needle, and sterilized equipment. We use organic pigments and modern, digital tools for a much more natural looking result.


This treatment takes 1 hour.


At the end of every treatment you will get a full aftercare instruction sheet to take away with you and Advice will be given to help you maintain and make the most of your lips between appointments.


You will need two applications spaced four to six weeks apart of initial treatment, never before. This allows time for the healing process to be complete. We are then able to correctly assess the colour and make any adjustments required. If you have darker or pigmented lips you may need more sessions.

If you have darker pigmented lips you may require more sessions. Kindly note diabetic, breast feeding or pregnant women are not suitable candidates for this treatment.